Other Languages

There are many other signed languages.  Many are descended from Old French Sign Language (OFSL), like French Sign Language (FSL), American Sign Language (ASL), and Irish Sign Language (ISL).  Several are descended from British Sign Language, like Australian Sign Language (Auslan) and New Zealand Sign Language.  Many other countries' deaf inahabitants and relatives have developed systems that helped them communicate the concepts and relationships of the spoken language.

My ASLSJ code is only meant to document ASL.  It is based upon the one-handed alphabet and numbers used in ASL.  However, the rotations, positions, and movements are based upon how the body has been designed to work.  Therefore it can be used to document another sign language's words in comparison to similar ASL words.  This section will document other languages' words using the ASLSJ code.

As ASLSJ uses the Latin alphabet, I enjoy using it with the Braille alphabet code.  The Braille Grade 2 abbreviations do not apply to ASLSJ, but I listed them here to be complete.
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