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In general, the dominant hand does most of the movement.  The nondom hand is usually either out of the picture, mirrors what the dominant hand is doing, or is used as a prop to stand on top of, pull on, or pantomime against.

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rf4Cq^ = zero

rf4 = O handshape

C = hand at chin height (away from body)

(default palm facing nondom side)

q^ = move hand out

cn4p jl4U\Bhvq^z = enough

cn4p = nondom hand S handshape

(default nondom palm facing dominant side)

jl4 = dominant hand open-B handshape

U\ = dominant palm facing down

Bhv = dominant hand touching down onto nondom hand

q^ = move dominant hand out

z = repeat movement

jl4qhvA = person

jl4 = nondom and dominant hands open-B handshapes

(default nondom palm facing dominant side, dominant palm facing nondom side)

qhvA = move nondom and dominant hands down

clfBhvq<S = worse

clf = nondom and dominant hands K handshapes

(default nondom palm facing dominant side, dominant hand facing nondom side)

Bhv = dominant hand touching down onto nondom hand

q<S = move both hands in their palm facing

cfnq<Sz = hurt

cfn = nondom and dominant hands bent-1 handshapes

(default nondom palm facing dominant side, dominant hand facing nondom side)

q<S = move hands in palm facing directions (nondom hand to dominant side, dominant hand to nondom side)

z = repeat movement

jlfl2CiUqDz = prefer

_lfl2 = open-8 handshape

C = hand at chin height

iU = palm facing in

qD = move hand onto body

z = repeat movement

cfnp cfnUq<RzS = friend

cfnp = nondom bent-1 handshape

(default nondom palm facing dominant side)

cfn = dominant bent-1 handshape

U = dominant palm facing out

q<R = move dominant hand to wrap inside nondom hand

zS = repeat movement switching hands

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