Finger Pointing

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ASL Sign Jotting isn't intended to write down how to produce a sign exactly.  It is only meant to be able to jot down how to produce a sign recognizably.

Variations are inevitable.  The finger-pointing direction is generally more important than the palm facing direction.  Signers tend to leave their wrists in a natural position and bend the fingers to the correct pointing direction.  
Therefore it does take some imagination to "sound-out" an ASL word written using ASLSJ.

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l__l    . \__\ = yes

cnnnn = S handshape

l__l = palm out

. \__\ = palm down

cfnnn W_\M
__ll           . [+] = think

cfnnn = bent-1 handshape

W_\M = forehead height

__ll = palm in

. [+] = move hand onto body

nnnnc cfnnn
A       \__\  . #iv = time

nnnnc = S handshape

cfnnn = bent-1 handshape

/__/ = nondom hand palm down

\__\ = dominant hand palm down

. #iv = touch dominant hand down onto nondom hand

cfufnn (_\)
l__l         . q^ = look at you

cfufnn = bent-V handshape

(_\) = chin height

l__l = palm out

. q^ = move in palm facing direction (out)

A cfufuff (_\)
A l__l            . A q^ = all eyes on you

A cfufuff = bent-4 handshape

(_\) = chin height

A l__l = palms out

. A q^ = move hands in palm facing direction (out)

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