Hand Word Spelling

ASLSJ only uses keys on the standard English keyboard.  So it can be typed on any standard computer, tablet, or cell phone.  It can also be used in closed-captioning, text messaging, Braille, or anywhere else.

Many ASL words can be signed with one hand or two hands.  In ASL poetry, the handshapes may be changed to fit a pattern.

cfniUqD = me

cfn = bent-1 handshape (first finger bent)

iU = palm facing in

qD = move hand onto chest

yf4U\q>)hvS = activity; doing

yf4 = nondom and dominant C hands (four fingers together and bent, thumb bent)

U\ = nondom and dominant palms facing down

q>)hvS = move nondom hand to nondom side, dominant hand to dominant side, both circling downward

yf4U\q>)hv = activity; doing (one-handed)

yf4 = C (four fingers together and bent, thumb bent)

U\ = palm facing down

q>)hv = move hand to dominant side, circling downward