Sample Words

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Here are examples of simple ASLSJ words.

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lns-o you
beo-z my
bbi-z have
lbi-z me

aes-rhd any
aed-ahs other
andd-tdy rock
bedd-td on
ond-o move
snd-d can
veo-ahs third
xnd-d need
beo-o your
onoo-sr none
sno-ahd yes
yno-o that
bbzi-s our
lbzi-s we
anfi-z dumb
bbfi-z know
lbfi-z think
qefi-z sick
innquhi-z if
ceni-zw color
lnnzi-o say
onni-zy eat
qeni-zy prefer
qezi-uy feel
wnns-zy water
beu-o there
xbu-ahsy green
ynu-d now