Sign Steps

ASLSJ words are formed using a pattern of syllables.  Each syllable can have a key letter to tells you the kind of syllable.

p = base handshape
m = wide handshape
q = height / body location
h = palms facing direction
j,t = wide hand direction away from base hand, or wide hand direction touching onto base hand
v = hand or finger movement

These key letters are used on additional syllables after the initial movement.  On smaller words, most of these prefixes are omitted.

Finger-spelled words are prefixed with "w-". The word "mat" is normally fingerspelled. In ASLSJ, it would be written as w-MAT.

Muliple signs are often combined to make a new word, like the word lbfi-zq fars-dd DECIDE use the signs for lbfi-z THINK and fars-dd JUDGE. ASLSJ adds the linking suffix "q" onto each word before the final word.