Sign Steps

ASLSJ words are formed using a pattern of syllables.  Each syllable has a specific shape to be identifiable.

nondom handshape
    llll_ = open-B
    nnnnc = S

dominant handshape
    _llll = open-B
    cnnnn = S

height / body location:
    W_\M = forehead
    (_\) = chin, neck
    =_\= is at chest height
    \\_- is at the nondom-elbow
non-hand palm facing direction:
    l__l = out
    ll__ = in
    /__/ = down
    /ll_/ = up
    /l/ = dominant-side

dominant-hand palm facing direction:
    l__l = out
    __ll = in
    \__\ = down
    \_ll\ = up
    \l\ = nondom-side

dominant hand direction away from nondom hand:
    -iv- = below
    -i^- = above
    -q<- = on nondom-side
    -qv- = behind (in)
    -q^- = in front (out)

dominant hand direction touching onto nondom hand:
    #iv = touching down onto
    #i^ = touching up onto
    #q< = touching nondom-side onto
    #q> = touching dominant-side onto
    #qv = touching in onto
    #q^ = touching out onto

hand or finger movement:
    q< = move nondom-side
    q> = move dominant-side
    iv = move down
    i^ = move up
    qv = move in
    q^ = move out
    ~ = wiggle fingers
    D = hand and wrist stays the same while handshape changes

Finger-spelled words use ALL CAPS and are prefixed with "%" surrounding a height / body location if needed. The word "mat" is normally fingerspelled. In ASLSJ, it would be written as MAT.

Muliple signs are often combined to make a new word, like the word cfnnn W_\M __ll . [+] Y A rflull S \l\ . A iv DECIDE use the signs for cfnnn W_\M __ll . [+] THINK and A rflull S \l\ . A iv JUDGE. ASLSJ uses the linking suffix "Y" to every word of a compound word except the final word.