What do you want?

Most Deaf people I know are not language enthusasts. Most Deaf are raised by hearing parents and taught by hearing people in school.  Most hearing people do not know a sign language.  This hinders many deaf persons from gaining a love of learning due to missed communication.

ASLSJ can help document and index information presented using ASL in videos or by interpreters.  This can lead to better practice of ASL discourses and, in turn, lead to better ASL diction and opportunities to share ideas.

Until a body of ASL written literature is in place that might be interesting to read, those who know the language won't have much reason to write ASL literature themselves.  The place to start is by documenting what is already available so people can find examples of how different words or phrases have been used in publicly available ASL videos
.  If you can think of other uses for ASLSJ, please send me an e-mail at my address on the home page.